Our commitments


Our hotel Mercure Tours Sud makes a commitment every year to improve and, to do so, does not hesitate to make concrete commitments, to shake up its habits and to surround itself with competent professionals in the field. For example, the Betterfly Tourisma long-standing partner ofAtypio Hotels ResortsThe co-investor and manager of our establishment is currently helping us to assess our environmental footprint and then to draw up an action plan to reduce it year on year. 

For the same reason, "together we are stronger in tackling environmental challenges than alone", over a year ago our hotel joined the Collectif Mieux via Atypio Hotels Resorts. 


Find out more about some of the actions we have taken in our environmental charter below and in our Better Business Charter.

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examples of actions taken

# ANTI-WASTE preventive maintenance, seasonal restaurant menu, Phenix partner, limit paper consumption via a vast project to digitise media, offer to reuse sheets by default (stays > 1 night), monitoring of consumption, master switch in rooms, renewal of low-energy lighting (75% in buildings already equipped), washing at less than 60° if possible, information on accessibility of destinations by public transport, business transport services, etc.

# ANTIPLASTIC ban individual plastic toiletry cups and bottles, shampoo and soap eco-pumps in rooms, straws and plastic stirrers and replace them with paste/cardboard utensils, ban plastic water bottles in rooms from 2022 and replace them with a Tétra pack bottle (made in France) followed by a carafe of locally produced water.

# WASTE-RECYCLING** : collection of waste water, coffee capsules**, glass**, yellow waste**, brown waste**, food waste**, soap**; renovation policy based on internet/external recycling of furniture, search for sustainability, inclusion of regional markers in purchasing policy

# BIODIVERSITY : use eco-labelled cleaning products, promote organic products in the shop: 100% of jams are organic since March 2022, 100% of macerated oils are organic, 80% of the aperitif range is organic, ban endangered fish species

# SOCIETY-WELLBEING : rolling out the WATCH programme on child protection, giving priority to local, made-in-France suppliers: Aix&terra, Dvine, Nuxe, Cornilleau, Saint Jean, etc., maintenance partners for green spaces and cleaning companies, sharing best practices between member hotels, meeting different dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan), etc.

CVDO: partner since 2017

First concrete example

Mercure Tours Sud has been working with CVDO since the company's creation. This partner collects and recycles food waste into digestate-compost/biogas. Result in figures:

  • Return to land: 35.5 tonnes of bio-waste from 2017 to 31.12.2023.
  • Avoidance of release into the atmosphere: 195 tonnes of CO2 from 2017 to 31.12.2023.
0 T.
tonnes of bio-waste collected
0 T.
of CO² avoided
CVDO treatment cycle
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Second concrete example

Nespresso capsules are composed of 90% of coffee grounds and 10% of aluminium. The capsules sorted by Mercure Tours Sud are then sent to a recycling centre dedicated to the recycling of Nespresso capsules from several European countries.

  • The aluminium will be melted down to make new objects (e.g. cans or bicycles)
  • The coffee grounds will be used to produce compost, biogas, and in the greenhouse for flowers.


    Key figures :

0 kg
of recycled aluminium since 2019
0 kg
of recycled coffee grounds since 2019


Third example

Mercure Tours Sud has been working with FIDUCIAL since 2017. This partner collects brown waste for recycling, thus contributing to the manufacture of, for example: office accessories (hangers, pencil pots, etc.); hairbrushes; protective helmets; zippers; window profiles, etc.

Key figures :

0 kg
recycled since 2019
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